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Servo CNC Busbar Bending Machine


CNC bending,Siemens PLC

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Servo CNC Busbar Bending Machine

Technical Parameters

Item Unit NC40Z-1200
Nominal force kn  400
Motor Power Kw 5.5
Max size of (Vertical and Horizontal) bending mm 15*160 
Max stroke of X-axis mm 1600/2000
Precision deviation of X-axis m/min 0.10/1000 
Max Stroke of hydraulic cylinder mm 250 
Stopper Precision Degree ±0.3
Stopper Length mm 1200
Bending precision Degree ±0.1 
Outside dimension mm 3450×1400×1450
Net weight kg 2300 

Suppliers of main components:
Component Brand
Main motor+Servo Japan Panasonic
Hydraulic Pump Rexroth German
 Magnetic exchange valve Rexroth German
Overflow Valve Rexroth German
AC contactor Schneider
Thermal relay Schneider
Repeat Circuit Schneider
Sensor switch Omron
Touch screen Panel Master Linear Displacement Sensor (Taiwan)

NC40Z-1200 CNC busbar bending machine is a high efficiency, high automation and high precision busbar processing equipment for copper and aluminum row bending.
The machine adopts hydraulic power as the main power, CNC is the control unit, and it is equipped with self-developed CAD/ The CAM software system makes the automation level of the machine at the leading level in the same industry.
It is an ideal equipment for bus processing in high and low voltage complete sets, box substations, transformers, busbars and other industries.

(1). This series busbar bending production line is mainly for bending copper or aluminum busbar with quick processing speed and high processing precision.
(2). This series of busbar bending machine mainly consists of feeding unit, main control system, delivery unit, hydraulic power unit and electric control cabinet.
(3). This series of busbar bending machine is highly automated processing equipment by servo controlled.
(4). This series of busbar bending machine is widely applied on high-low voltage switchgear, electrical transformer, power station cabinet, as well as other sectors of the busbar bending processing.
5 Main Characters:
(1). Mechanical Structure:
The machine adopts the open bending structure, the working platform adopts the whole welding, the vibration aging and heat treatment, remove the internal stress, can effectively guarantee its stiffness and the use of strength.The main drive part of the work platform with the organic connection, reasonable force, take the material easy, good line of sight, fully embodies the advantages of open bending structure.
(2). Main drive section:
The main drive part of the machine using today's popular servo-driven form, novel structure, full of power, easy to control. No pollution to the work area, a significant reduction in noise, small footprint, environmentally friendly and practical. Output power up to 500KN (can be customized according to customer requirements), servo drive control ability, and PLC online precision is very accurately, enough to achieve fast forward, rewind and slow work and other functions, while improving processing efficiency and make sure the accuracy of the bending. Hydraulic drive can not be compared with it.
Equipped with high power, large inertia servo motor, it can process horizontal bending, vertical bending, twist, pressure cable joints by changing bending mold.
 (3). X shaft block part:
The block part of the machine adopts modular design, which can choose the required length of the CNC block according to the customer's demand. It is driven by the servo motor. It adopts high precision Taiwan HIWIN ball screw and linear guide rail. It runs smoothly and has high positioning accuracy.
(4). Electrical parts:
It adopt Taiwan screen touch screen for the man-machine interface, independent development of the bending process, the interface is clear, simple structure, list-type coordinate programming, simple operation, no professionals, easy to operate.
(5). Software part:
X-axis maximum travel 1600mm (can be customized according to customer requirements), so that unilateral processing length increases, improve the processing range of the work piece; folding bending, the machine has a self-locking function to ensure smoothness of the processing plane, The shape of the injury;
The software used in the bending machine can be used with the punching machine. For the work piece with many bending times, it can automatically find the bending order, realize the programming automation, simulate the bending process, and place the busbar according to the simulated bending order. Bend bending position error.

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